Top 5 Best Joint Accounts, Reviewed for 2022

Best Joint Accounts

A joint account is helpful when two or more people need to pool their money for a common cause. As a result, opening a joint bank account that offers beneficial terms is important.

In this guide, you will learn about joint bank accounts and discover the top five best joint accounts in the UK.   

What is a Joint Bank Account? 

A joint bank account is one that two or more people share. While married couples traditionally hold such accounts, roommates, business partners, and friends can also share a bank account. 

Joint accounts come in handy when people are paying the same bills. When you both deposit money in one account, it is easier to pay bills, plan monthly expenses, and set financial goals

Furthermore, a joint account creates a financial link between two people. That means that the other person could know how much you earn and vice versa.

Therefore, if you are not comfortable with this, getting a joint account might not be the best idea. Joint accounts need trust, otherwise, they cannot work. 

How to Open a Joint Account 

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You can add someone to a sole bank account to create a joint account. However, this can only work if your bank allows it. 

To do this, visit your local branch with the necessary documents. The bank could also carry out a credit check of the new account holder. 

Alternatively, you can both open a joint account either online or at the local branch. Note that most banks allow only two people to open a joint account.  

When opening a joint account you will need: 

  • ID 
  • Employment information 
  • Income details 
  • Proof of address 

The bank will also ask you to sign a mandate with instructions on how the account will run. For instance, the account could run on an either-to-sign or both-to-sign basis. Moreover, one person can have more rights to take action without notifying the other account holder. Before signing a mandate, ensure that you are comfortable with the guidelines.

The account holders of a joint account are all liable to debt. Therefore, agree that no one will take credit without consulting the other party. 

Best Joint Accounts 

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Below are five of the best joint accounts in the UK that stand out in various ways. 


NatWest has one of the best joint accounts in the UK. To open an account with this bank, you should be 18 years and above and a resident of the UK.  

What will you get with this account? 

  • Maximum number of people that can open a joint account: 2 
  • Types of joint accounts: 3 
  • Both-to-sign: yes 
  • Convert sole account to joint account: yes 
  • Application: online 

NatWest issues three types of joint accounts namely: Select, Reward, and Premier. Users that open the Select account will not pay any monthly fee. Also, this account operates like an everyday current account. That means that you can make payments with Apple and Google Pay. You will also receive £125 cashback if you switch your account to Natwest. 

The Reward account, on the other hand, charges a monthly fee, but users get rewards. For example, you can earn £4 back in rewards every month for two or more direct debits of at least £2 each. The Premier joint account is for higher net customers.  

Both account holders will receive a contactless debit card. The methods of account management are online and mobile app banking. 

The bank allows holders to apply for an arranged overdraft through the mobile banking app or online. The arranged overdraft interest rate for a Select account is 39.49 percent EAR. Moreover, you can switch a joint account to a sole account in case one person passes on by visiting a local branch. 


Barclays is another bank that delivers a good joint account. You are eligible to open an account if you are both 18 years and over and not in full-time education. Also, you should both have UK phone numbers and have lived in the country full-time for at least one year. 

What will you get with this account? 

  • Maximum number of people that can open a joint account: 2 
  • Types of joint accounts: 1 
  • Either-to-sign: yes 
  • Convert sole account to joint account: yes 
  • Application: online or branch 

The bank will not charge you a monthly fee. Also, you can join Barclays Blue Rewards to receive rewards every month. You can get up to £7 each month for using your account. 

Barclays has a mobile app that you can use to manage your money and get cashback when you use it. Moreover, you can both apply for an arranged overdraft. If you use an overdraft of £1,200, the bank will charge you 35 percent APR. 


Starling offers a joint account to customers that already have personal accounts with them. Joint account applications are made via the Starling bank app. 

What will you get with this account? 

  • Maximum number of people that can open a joint account: 2 
  • Types of joint accounts: 1 
  • Both-to-sign: unspecified 
  • Application: online 
  • Interest rate: 0.05 percent AER on in-credit balances up to £85,000  

Through the app, you can track your payments, view monthly statements, and save. At the time of writing, Starling bank was not offering overdrafts to joint accounts. 

Metro Bank 

Metro Bank has a joint account option. You can open this account from any of their branches. To apply, you must be 18 years and above and a UK resident. Furthermore, you should provide proof of residence and identity.  

What will you get with this account? 

  • Maximum number of people that can open a joint account: 2 
  • Types of joint accounts: 1 
  • Both-to-sign: unspecified 
  • Convert sole account to joint account: unspecified 
  • Application: branch 

The bank offers an arranged overdraft at an interest rate of 34 percent APR. Customers will also get a contactless card. Note that Metro bank does not charge a monthly fee for this account. 

Bank of Scotland 

The Bank of Scotland issues free joint accounts to exiting and new customers. You can begin the application process online, but you will need to visit a local branch. 

What will you get with this account? 

  • Maximum number of people that can open a joint account: 2 
  • Types of joint accounts: 1 
  • Both-to-sign: unspecified, but both parties have equal rights 
  • Convert sole account to joint account: unspecified 
  • Application: online and in-branch 
  • Interest rate with vantage add-on: 0.6 percent AER (£1-£3,999) or 1.5 percent AER (£4,000-£5,000) 

Customers can apply for an overdraft if they are eligible. The interest rate for overdrafts is 39.9 percent APR. Additionally, you will both get debit cards and cheque books. However, the bank will only send one monthly statement. Joint account holders can manage their money through online banking. 

When choosing any of the joint accounts above, consider monthly fees, interest rates, rewards, and ease of application. 

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